Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to 'O9

It's officially 2009, and I'm good.
I went to Disneyland, and they have awesome designs (I'm thinking about working there)
of course, they are expensive as hell.

I bought a purse, it was 54$ if I'm not mistaken.
But it's so pretty.
I'll upload a picture later.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Forever 21 trends

I love to surf the web and find new trends that are just my style, right now, I'm on one of my favorite shops page: Forever 21.

Trend #1:

My "Boyfriend Jeans" is one of my favorite items to wear. And of course, nothing is sexier than a girl using man's clothes (in my opinion).

Trend #2:

I love English fashion, I want to study there someday. Anyway, I'm in love with the crests and the plaid of Oxford uniforms.

Trend #3:

And last but not least, clothes from my favorite era. Pearls are perfect for that classy look.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good & Espensieve.

I'm a total Fall Out Boy fan, I must admit.
And when I knew that Pete Wentz was launching his own fashion label, I was excited.
The first designs totally blew my mind, and it's surprising me day by day.
I wanted to buy a t-shirt, but when I looked at the cost my wallet cried.

28 bucks for one lousy t-shirt, in hot topic the most expensive one I have bought is 25$

I love the trenchcoats they are selling, but I really think they are too pricy.
So, I really don't know what am I going to do to buy them.
Meanwhile I'm going to see the page and cry for the clothes that shall never be mine.

Clandestine Industries

A little more action.

I haven't been updating as frequently as I would like.
College is eating my life!!
I really hate having to spend my entire day doing homework.

Anywas I'm leaving the link of one of my favorite pages.


I love the pb&j earrings :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mix n' Match

Have you ever wanted a celebrity outfit?
Well, now you can, sorta.
There's this page called Polyvore where you can mix n' match pictures to make a certain outfit or decorate some room.

I was browsing and I found outfits inspired in my platonic loves:

Rapunzel, let your hair down.

I hate my hair, right now.
It doesn't style the way that I want it, and when it does I hate it more.
I miss having long hair (with the help of extensions).

This was my idea of how I was going to look with long hair, I'm still clinging to that idea.

This is the next hair I want.

What to do?!